Gay Friendly Bars Pubs Inns Restaurants Throughout Wiltshire

Looking for somewhere to eat and drink that is gay lesbian friendly in Wiltshire, well here is a collection of gay lesbian GLBT friendly Restaurants, Bars,
Pubs, Afternoon Tea, Cafés and Tea Rooms in Wiltshire. Gay Accommodation Wiltshire where the finest Gay Lesbian friendly places in Wiltshire are listed
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Sorry, but we do not have any gay lesbian friendly bars, pubs, inns and restaurants listed in Wiltshire at the moment as we have just launched Gay Accommodation Wiltshire. However, this page will be populated soon with fabulous gay and lesbian friendly bars, pubs, inns and restaurants shortly so please do check back regularly and in the meantime, if you know of somewhere special that is genuinely gay lesbian friendly that you believe that we should list, please contact us by clicking the box below. We at Gay Accommodation Wiltshire would love to hear from you. Richard, Justin and Sarah.

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Only genuinely gay lesbian friendly bars, pubs, inns and restaurants will be included on Gay Accommodation Wiltshire so if you are a gay, lesbian or gay lesbian friendly proprietor of a special place in Wiltshire and would love to share it with the thousands of gay
men and women who visit Gay Accommodation Wiltshire looking for somewhere genuinely gay lesbian friendly in Wiltshire please visit our Advertisers' Page. We would love to hear from you. Best wishes, from Richard, Justin and Sarah at Gay Accommodation Wiltshire.


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booking we recommend that you discuss with the accommodation provider any factor that is important to you in deciding on suitable holiday accommodation.
Gay Accommodation Wiltshire cannot be held responsible for any assumptions made by our readers or misrepresentations made by our advertisers.

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We know how important it is for you to feel comfortable and relaxed when you're out drinking and dining in Wiltshire so we will be listing selection of gay
lesbian friendly restaurants, bistros, cafés, bars, and pubs in Wiltshire. Some of these will provide good honest pub grub to full-blown
á la carte fine dining
 All of these restaurants, bistros, pubs, inns and cafés and tea room are listed on Gay Accommodation Wiltshire because they are all gay lesbian friendly

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